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A classy-touch of a Rosso Conero selection. The Ekeos Rosso Conero is produced with Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes hand harvested from vineyards located on the gentle slopes at the foot of Monte Conero. The name comes from the Latin Echea, ancient bronze pot, used in the theatre to make the voice resound, and origin of the name echo. This wine in fact is the echo of its denomination, because it reproduce and emphasises the typical characteristics in an original, profound and persistent way.

colour: Brilliant ruby-red with purple undertones.
bouquet: Intense bouquet with red fruit notes, cherry, plum, and spices.
taste: Dry and sapid, harmonious, well-rounded, fruity with a predominant taste of
alchool content: 12,5%
longevity: 2-3 years
production: 10.000 bottles

Via Mariano Pallottini