Posted by Neumann Films on March 23, 2013 • 

"All footage captured by Aerial Filmworks and Neumann Films. Cameras used: Arri Alexa and RED Epic."


"Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics’ design engineers, the Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system. The Cineflex ELITE combines the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera.


The Cineflex family of cameras is compatible with a variety of certified mounts and can be rigged in one-fourth the time of other Super 35 format digital production camera systems on the market. Easily integrated onto cable and rail systems, aircraft, automobiles, boats and other mobile platforms, the Cineflex ELITE brings Super 35 format digital production to new places."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul