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How I developed an academic vocabulary syllabus (part one)

How I developed an academic vocabulary syllabus (part one) | TELT |
This is the first of two posts describing the initial and continuing development of an academic vocabulary syllabus. This post has been some five or six years in the making, give or take a few mont...
Shona Whyte's insight:

A very detailed and copiously illustrated post by Adam Simpson describing the development of a vocabulary programme for EFL learners.  References to research in vocabulary (Nation) and corpus tools.

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Great games for the language classroom: Blockbusters

Great games for the language classroom: Blockbusters | TELT |
I‘m a gamer: I love using games in the language classroom. I find them such a great and versatile tool and, if used well, something that always goes down well with learners. I’ve discussed the role...

Via Adam Simpson
Shona Whyte's insight:

Adam Simpson has this blog post about using the Blockbusters game format in EFL classes.  We hear a lot about "gamification" in education in general, and I was expecting something for teenagers with technology.  


But no, it's a low-tech game, and can be used even for academic English with advanced adult learners: "I love using blockbusters for teaching. I regularly use it at the university where I teach, just before their exam. I give them 25 typical mistakes they make with their academic writing and get them to correct them, then play in teams as a revision exercise." (Gabrielle Jones)

Teresa MacKinnon's comment, March 17, 2013 4:53 AM
lovely to see blockbusters available in the digital age! I used it for language teaching back in the 1980's on an OHT and it was alwyas popular. I would like to see a digital version of Pointless as it would be great for vocabulary revision :)