Shona Whyte:

New edited volume by Melinda Dooly and Robert O'Dowd on telecollaboration for foreign language learning.



- Jonathon Reinhardt: Accommodating Divergent Frameworks in Analysis of Technology-Mediated L2 Interaction

- Françoise Blin: Introducing Cultural Historical Activity Theory for Researching CMC in Foreign Language Education

- Paige Ware/Brenna Rivas: Researching Classroom Integration of Online Language Learning Projects: Mixed Methods Approaches

- Melinda Dooly/Mirjam Hauck: Researching Multimodal Communicative Competence in Video and Audio Telecollaborative Encounters

- Andreas Müller-Hartmann: The Classroom-Based Action Research Paradigm in Telecollaboration

- Luisa Panichi/Mats Deutschmann: Language Learning in Virtual Worlds - Research Issues and

- Martina Möllering/Mike Levy: Intercultural Competence in Computer-Mediated-Communication: An Analysis of Research Methods

- Nina Vyatkina: Applying the Methodology of Learner Corpus Analysis to Telecollaborative Discourse

- Breffni O'Rourke: Using Eye-Tracking to Investigate Gaze Behaviour in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication for Language Learning.