Triadic Interaction in Young Learner EFL Classrooms: Virtual Windows of Opportunity : Asian EFL Journal | TELT |

Timothy Brockley's 2012 MA thesis (Anaheim, directed by K Bailey):

"There are scores of young EFL learners who struggle with English all across the globe. One approach to resolving this problem is to engage these learners in triadic interaction. As defined in this thesis, triadic interaction is the interaction between teacher, learners and audio-visual, computer-based activities presented on a screen. An attempt is made to document, analyze and interpret this form of interaction in a Korean young learner EFL context using a competitive game lesson format. Further, the learners themselves were consulted, employing a questionnaire, in order to elicit their opinions regarding triadic interaction and competitive games. While the results are mixed regarding actual observed triadic interaction, the learners in this study expressed positive views in terms of engaging in computer screen competitive game lessons. Further research models are suggested and concluding remarks on the complexity of the research model are offered."


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