Web2LLP webinar: Sharing online content and complying to copyright | TELT | Scoop.it

19 participants from 9 different countries participated in the fourth session of Web2LLP's online pilot course, of which the topic centered around managing and sharing content in a social media context through different curation tools and IPR constraints.


Alberto Nantiat (ATiT, Belgium) introduced the concept of curation, highlighting tools such as Scoop.it, Diigo and paper.li, while Mathy Vanbuel (ATiT, Belgium) took the participants on a journey through several cases of copyright-infringement, to make them aware of intellectual property rights issues helping participants make sure that their project activities respect necessary constraints in respect to sharing content while still making sure to be as open as possible.


Last but not least, Shona Whyte (University of Nice, France), shared her personal experience of using Scoop.it as a curation tool while she became involved in the iTILT project. She gave participants useful guidelines and suggestions of how to curate and share content through Scoop.it.