Case Studies of Openness in the Language Classroom | Beaven, Comas-Quinn & Sawhill 2013 | TELT |

Section 1. Open Tools for Collaboration


Communicating Out in the Open:

The WordPress Class Blogs Plug-In Suite and Language Learning

Barbara Sawhill

The Mixxer: Connecting Students with Native Speakers via Skype

Todd Bryant

eComma: An Open Source Tool for Collaborative L2 Reading

Carl Blyth


Section 2. Sharing Resources

The Linkedup Project: An Online Repository for Language Teachers

Anna Motzo

Repurposing Open Educational Resources: Creating Resources for Use and Re-use 

Susanne Winchester

Designing OERs to Teach Italian Pronunciation in an Open Educational Environment: A Case Study

Anna Calvi, Anna Motzo and Sandra Silipo


Section 3. Sharing Practice

FAVORing the Part-time Language Teacher:

The Experience and Impact of Sharing Open Educational Resources through a Community-based Repository
Julie Watson

The Community Café: Open Practice

with Community-based Language Teachers

Kate Borthwick and Alison Dickens

The “Onstream” Project: Collaboration between Higher Education Teachers of Russian and Teachers of Russian in Mainstream and Supplementary Schools

Terry King

Learning to Share and Sharing to Learn – Professional Development of Language Teachers in HE to Foster Open Educational Practices

Annette Duensing, Matilde Gallardo and Sarah Heiser


Section 4. Collaborative Learning & Student-generated Content

137 Transnational Online Discussions to Foster Open Practices

Klaus-Dieter Rossade 

A Case Study into Learner Engagement in the Production of OERs within an Online Language Environment

María Dolores Iglesias Mora and David Elvis Leeming

The OpenLIVES Project: Alternative Narratives of Pedagogical Achievement

Irina Nelson and Alicia Pozo-Gutiérrez

Discovering Spanish Voices Abroad in a Digital World

Antonio Martínez-Arboleda 

Collaborative Italian: An Open Online Language Course Cecilia Goria


Section 5. Learner Autonomy

When Learner Autonomy Meets Open Educational Resources: A Study of a Self-learning Environment for Italian as a Foreign Language

Marco Cappellini

Using MOOCs in an Academic English Course at University Level

Ana Beaven