Top 12 Mobile App Testing Tools | Telco & IT  Integration and Testing |

In the recent years, the world witnessed an immense growth in the mobile technology space with new handsets and features being made available in the market. This growth has in turn led to an increase in the demand for mobile applications. Analysts expect the mobile app downloads to increase from 30.1 billion in 2011 to 200 billion in 2016.

Mobile application stores are filled with apps from all horizons from games to business apps to entertainment. This posed a stiff competition among the developers on who can deliver the best. In order to be a competitor in this market, there is a need to produce quality apps. It is imperative to test your apps regularly as this will prevent bad feedbacks from the users.

However; without proper tools, developers as well as testers will face many problems when testing their apps. Here is an infographic created by which highlights the top 12 app testing tools.


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