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Recent research reports reveal that the popularity of mobile channels will continue to increase in the coming years, as it has become a significant aid in this fast-paced and competitive sector. The predictions by IDC show that by 2015, the sale of smartphones will attain the magic figure of 982 million. According to Morgan Stanley, the number of web users on mobile will exceed desktop internet users by 2014.Some of the emerging trends in mobile industry and the marketing opportunities associated with them in the travel industry are:


Smartphone will continue to stay: With the increasing demand of smartphones, it can well be said that smartphones will gradually tread in hotel booking and customers doing booking with this pocket-friendly mobile will surpass the number of consumers, doing booking through PC-based websites. It is believed that smartphone, will very soon become the new laptop and the hotel industry is also ready to reap the benefit of the emerging trend in this fast-paced mobile environment. For a range of firms, the mobile channel has already become a travel planning and hotel distribution channel.


Use of smartphones in M-Commerce: Still, there are only a handful of smartphone users, who utilize mobile phones to shop, pay bills and transaction, but situation is changing fast, since the mobile users are becoming highly comfortable with their phone for commerce. It has been reported by one of the leading online travel agency that around 6 million people are using mobile device to shop for traveling. The travel agency experienced more than 9 percent of hotel bookings via mobile devices during the first quarter of the year.


The Merging of Social, Local and Mobile giving birth to high hope: The continued development in social, local and mobile is undoubtedly attractive news for any travelers, but travel providers should also not be oblivious of the fact that this also presents a host of opportunities to them. Travelers most of the time face difficulties in exploring an unknown city and discover places, locate merchants or a great meal while touring. Firms like HotelTonight and Uber have accepted mobile as a completely new medium with an entirely new user dynamics. It is believed that with soaring popularity, mobile will continue to gain momentum.


Discounting in the mobile channel is a mistake: One of the mot common mistakes committed by hoteliers is discounting in the mobile channel. So, it is recommended to restrain the tendency of discounting. It is always advised not to discount via mobile discounters, OTAs and Flash Sales Sites. It is always better to invest in your mobile website and mobile marketing to boost up last-minute reservations. Again, it is always fair to maintain parity of rate and brand integrity at all times.


Mobile – an all encompassing device: Mobile takes into account all contexts that user may demand. Google speaks that 7 percent of all searches come from tablets while 14 percent come from mobile and 79 percent from desktop. So, here also one can notice the rapid growth of mobile channels. This makes clear that travel marketers are likely to spend at least 15 percent of their total digital marketing budgets on mobile marketing initiatives.

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