MM house in Sao Paulo, Brazil by studio mk27 | tecnologia s sustentabilidade |

Brazilian practice studio mk27 has completed the 'MM house' in Braganca Paulista, a wooded municipality of Sao Paulo.

The dwelling consists of two perpendicular rectangular footprints, and features a green roof that blends into the landscape.

A folding screen of retractable slender wooden slats wraps the entire envelope along the exterior glass wall, softening any direct sunlight, with all the bedrooms situated along the eastern elevation facing the valley. The indoor/outdoor gathering space is completely open to the elements where the solid building mass intersects with a wooden deck, allowing occupants to fully engage with the environment. The public living room and tv room at either side of this outdoor room contain large glass doors, enabling a strong visual connection among all the shared spaces.

The timber terrace extends out towards the lower area of the site, ending in a swimming pool upon a concrete plinth that reflects the picturesque environment.

Via Lauren Moss