Site-Specific Innovation: Çanakkale Antenna Tower by IND and Powerhouse Company | tecnologia s sustentabilidade |

The close collaboration of Rotterdam-based practices IND and Powerhouse Company for the design of a new 100-m-tall observation and telecommunications tower in Çanakkale, a Turkish city and seaport located on the southern Asian coast of the Hellespont,  articulates far-reaching technological and programmatic ambitions.

The tower is planned to operate as a broadcast antenna as well as to engage visitors- taking them on a contemplative journey, allowing them time to ponder as they walk along a raised, looping path that runs through the forest before returning to a hilltop observation deck offering panoramic vistas.
Besides its distinctive and aesthetic significance, the tower was conceived with the intention becoming a dynamic public destination, fostering social interactions. The project is all the more interesting as it integrates technologies to a scrupulously context-specific design, respectful of all of the site’s attributes. The architects also harness technological mediums so as to create a heightened architectural experience, appealing the visual and tactile senses.

Via Lauren Moss