Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes
Andrew Miller (@betamiller on Twitter) is a National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education, an org that specializes in project-based curriculum, and a collaborator with Abeo School Cha
Embed Videos with Google Drive- A Useful Tip for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Lea...
Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free
Get Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.
Of Course! Game Based Staff Development
It has been sitting on my table for a few days now. In preparation for its first official outing I played (by myself sadly ) "Of Course!" the board game designed by Alex Mosley of Leicester Univers...
Flipped Classroom
Lorena Barba is using Pinterest to collect and share information on Flipping the Classroom.
A Great Visual Guide to Citing Tweets in Academic Papers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Lear...

So, they essentially require you to include the entire Tweet in the citation. Good thing there's a limit on # of characters.


Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy
Get recommended app lists, webcasts and resources selected by Apple Distinguished Educators. Our recommended apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.
SimCityEDU: Using Games for Formative Assessment
SimCity As game-based learning gains momentum in education circles, teachers increasingly want substantive proof that games are helpful for learning.
Use text as a graphic - PowerPoint Tips Blog
Here are some great ideas for using text as a graphic.
Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future
The Top 10 Education Gamification Examples according to Pioneer and Stanford Lecturer Yu-kai Chou is 1. Duolingo 2. Ribbon Hero 3. Class Dojo 4....