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Over the last one hundred years, technology has made our lives change. During this time, people have created a lot of equipments like cell phones, computers, TVs, tablets or IPods and different kind of machines that facilitate our work and studies making them easier and more productive. At the same time, we use the technology is an opportunity to interact and communicate with people that is far away from us and for that reason; communication is getting better and easier.


The use of those tools is quite simple; it is just to turn on a computer or a TV in order to know what is happening over the world or just to make a phone call, to speak with someone that is in another country. Also, we cannot forget that it is really interesting to read a book in a computer or to enjoy a nice food or drink that was prepared in one of those modern equipments. However, technology has some negatives effects in our lives because people have become more dependent on it changing the way they behave. In the past, they used to walk in the park or go to the movies but nowadays, they spent so much time in front of the computer or chatting on a Smartphone.


This situation is affecting their lives to the point that people is not the same with family, friends and people around them. We are losing the opportunity to interact with people we really love because we are not taking into account how important is the fact to share time with them. We prefer to speak with someone we cannot see instead of talking with someone that is next to us. We must remember that our family and friends are part of our reality and they are not a fantasy like people we know in the internet. It is not just to spend hours in front of the computer or texting with someone that is not face to us and in some cases, we even do not know who they really are.


In another hand, we are becoming lazy because of technology. We no longer need to make so much effort to do breaking work around the house. The clothes are washed automatically, food can be prepared in the microwave just pressing a button, internet allows us to look information and a cell phone lets us to send instant messages. We do not need to do anything; technology makes the work for us. However, it is not good for us, we must avoid the idleness and use the technology as a help not as something that will be doing everything for us.


To sum up, the use of technology is one of the major innovations people have made. However, we must learn how to use it in a correct way because even it has become a very useful tool and it has given us many opportunities to improve and facilitate our lives; it has made people’s behavior change at the point that we are becoming dependent and lazy.