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Rescooped by Vince Delisi from Office Environments Of The Future!

$4M facility dubbed 'classroom of the future'

$4M facility dubbed 'classroom of the future' | Technology Integration Education |
Students like David Emenuga are primarily self-motivated and use an online curriculum called Moodle.

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Vince Delisi's insight:

We need to consider spaces for learning when developing new pedagogy and curriculum.

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Estralita Williams's curator insight, December 4, 2013 9:25 PM

This is amazing! I would think that the students who stick with this are very disaplined. What would be the motivation to stick with this type of education???, Socializing???

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Rescooped by Vince Delisi from Eclectic Technology!

The Gift of Failure: 50 Tips for Teaching Students How to Fail Well

The Gift of Failure: 50 Tips for Teaching Students How to Fail Well | Technology Integration Education |

"What if, when students failed, teachers praised them? In the business world, the world of entrepreneurship, failure remains inevitable but so does success if you keep plugging away at your goal.

Embracing this in education teaches students to learn that mistakes lead to success. Science teachers probably understand this concept better than most teachers. They just happen to call it hypothesis or refer to it as an experiment instead of failure."

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Beth Dichter's curator insight, August 20, 2013 10:11 PM

What would happen if we taught our students (or learners) that failure is a gift, that we learn lessons when we fail. This post provides 50 tips to use with students to help them "fail well." Five are below. Find the forty-five in the post, as well as additional information on each.

* Point out their mistakes

* Praise them immediately

* Experiment with them

* Expose them to the unknown

* Teach them to start over

Use these tips to shift communication around failure. Help your students see failure as an opportunity to learn, to grow.