Teacher's Guide to Project-based Learning.

This guide is for teachers. It explains how to design and run projects for students that begin with an enquiry and end with a tangible, publicly exhibited product.


There are six main sections:


Section 1: Introduction - explains what project-based learning is, and why more and more teachers are doing it.


Section 2: Inspiration - Shows the work that students created in five real life projects,

with some information about how the projects worked.


Section 3: Foundations - introduces the three keys to successful project-based learning: multiple drafts, critique, and exhibition.


Section 4: Execution - a guide to planning and running projects.


Section 5: Integration - explains how to build a ‘culture of excellence’, which will encourage students to do great work of lasting value.


Section 6: Conculsion - the final section wraps it all up.  (By Alec Patton)

Via David Truss, Maggie Verster, Lynnette Van Dyke, Jim Lerman