The Four P’s of Creativity: Products, People, Processes & Press | Technology in Art And Education |
Many creativity research programs are narrowly focused on one aspect of creativity to the exclusion of others; an integrative focus will help move the field forward.

This post asks a variety of questions about creativity (quoting from post below):

* What is (a) creative (product)?
* How is creativity achieved (the process)?

* Who is creative/what makes someone crative (the person)?

* What conditions (historically/everyday) are conducive to creativity (the press)?

These questions are then explored, with information form a variety of other sources included.

Recent articles in the news have suggested that creativity in childen is decreasing. This post provides a look at this issue from perspectives that may be new to you as well as the author's perspective on "what factors are necessary for Genius." 

Via Beth Dichter