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Looking for a Great app for developing spelling?


I've posted about SpellingCity.com website some time ago and I had to take a closer look when I heard they had produced a free app.


The app is in many ways very similar to the website, with ready made word lists that users just select...
 - one
 - click on the type of game or activity they want to play; there are seven different activity types: Unscranble - Spelling TestMe - HangMouse - Spelling TeachMe - Missing Letter - Alphabetize - Audio Word Match.


To get the best from the app Functional skills, Family Learning and other Practitioners, really have to have a SpellingCity account as this enables them to import their own word lists and to manage and track their learners' scores.


That said, they can create a basic account for free.


If your learners' spelling and vocabulary needs some work, why not get them using it.


You can download the app from the iTunes store but, Sadly there's no Android version available at the moment.


Remember: Teaching spelling and vocabulary is easy with Vocabulary SpellingCity! Learners can study and learn their word lists using vocabulary and spelling learning activities and games.



Via John Dalziel