Why K-12 schools are failing by not teaching SEARCH | The Thinking Stick | Technology in Art And Education | Scoop.it

A look at the importance of teaching students how to search. Do your students (or faculty) know how to find information online? Do they have use appropriate search words, understand how results are generated, use multiple resources, to assess the information (quality and accuracy), recognize bias? 

This post focuses on some of the  information from the recent Pew Report that looked at "How Teens Do Research in the Digital World." The author also provides links to articles he has written on how to use Google to teach search to students in K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 
I would also suggest teaching with search engines beyond Google. If you are concerned with tracking check out DuckDuckGo or Blekko. A great metasearch engine is Carrot2. And you can use want to compare websites side-by-side check out Slikk. 

Via Beth Dichter