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Big Data Job Growth Infographic | UMUC

Big Data Job Growth Infographic | UMUC | Technology in Action |
University of Maryland University College offers graduate degrees and certificates in data analytics to prepare you for the big data revolution.
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SMILE - Social Media in Learning and Education Handbook

SMILE - Social Media in Learning and Education Handbook | Technology in Action |

More than 100 teachers from across Europe participated in the SMILE (Social Media in Learning and Education) action and undertook a pedagogical journey to explore jointly the challenges and opportunities involved when using social media in learning and education.
The outcomes of the project, funded by a Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook, are now published in a digital handbook. You can find pedagogical materials and resources from the learning laboratory with many valuable reflections and suggestions on some critical aspects of the use of social media as regards school policies, pedagogical principles, professional development, responsible use and challenges to adoption.

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nicolaperry's curator insight, June 24, 2013 6:53 AM

Good to know someoe is looking at the pedagogy.

Andrew McRobert's curator insight, August 19, 2014 8:48 AM

12. Any innovation in education deserves to be heard even if it’s just to start the conversation. This example shows the use of facebook being used in education. Interesting to see the comment of the teacher regarding the enthusiasm of the students.

Jessica Alanis's curator insight, April 1, 2016 11:56 PM

You can download the digital handbook from a link here. There is also a newsletter that might be worth signing up to.

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To Go from Big Data to Big Insight, Start with a Visual - HBR | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

To Go from Big Data to Big Insight, Start with a Visual - HBR | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | Technology in Action |
Lessons on making data useful from inside The New York Times.




We are documenting every tweet, retweet, and click on every shortened URL from Twitter and Facebook that points back to New York Times content, and then combining that with the browsing logs of what those users do when they land at the Times. This project is a relative of the widely noted Cascade project. Think of it as Cascade 2.0.


We're doing this to understand and predict when an online cascade or conversation will result in a tidal wave of content consumption on the Times, and also when it won't. More importantly we are interested in how the word-of-mouth conversation drives readership, subscriptions, and ad revenue; how the Times can improve their own participation in the conversation to drive engagement; how we can identify truly influential readers who themselves drive engagement; and how the Times can then engage these influential users in a way that complements the users' own needs and interests. Do it, and we can turn that statistical analysis, as you'll see below, into elegant, artistic real time data streams.


Handling the streams, archiving the sessions and storing and manipulating the information are in themselves herculean tasks. But the even bigger challenge is transforming beautiful, big data into actionable, meaningful, decision-relevant knowledge. We've found that visualization is one of the most important guideposts in this search for knowledge, essential to understanding where we should look and what we should look for in our statistical analysis.


Still, the visuals cannot tell the whole story. We see some clear correlations here, but complex conditional dependencies and temporal and network autocorrelation make it necessary to build more sophisticated causal statistical models that will generate true, reliable insights about word-of-mouth influence.

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CYDigital's curator insight, August 30, 2013 11:28 AM

In the forthcoming era of Big Data, is Data Visualization the first step? We've always collected, collated and analyzed the data, then created graphics to explain. Are graphics now the first step? Is this a way to use both sides of the brain to gain a greater understanding of what the data is telling us?

And can data lead to the creation of art?

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Education Technology Trends – Part II -

Education Technology Trends – Part II - | Technology in Action |
This is the second post of a three part series covering recent trends and developments in Education Technology. Check out the first part here. ProgrammableWeb This post features information about Learning Management ...
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Seven Myths About Big Data

Seven Myths About Big Data | Technology in Action |
So much is written about big data that it is easy to become lost in all that information. So here are seven big data myths. (RT @BigDataStartups: Don't believe everything that you here about big data.
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Social Media, Learning ... and the 'Always On' Generation - presentation

This presentation is a keynote presented at the Future of Sport Conference, held at Northampton University on 12 June, 2013.

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Coletta P. Kahn's comment, July 26, 2013 1:11 AM
help ful
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5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success

Studies show that sustained and well-integrated social and emotional learning (SEL) programs can help schools engage their students and improve achievement. ...
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