Blended Learning 2.0: A Visual Guide For Teachers - Edudemic | Technology for Learning and teaching languages |

by Jeff Dunn


"Blended learning has taken off as one of the big trends in education over the past several years. Like flipped classrooms and 1:1 environments, it’s one of the top ways for teachers to leverage the power of technology in the classroom. It’s not a new concept, to be sure. However, there’s a new guide to understanding and implementing what’s being billed as blended learning 2.0.


"There are a few key stages of proper implementation that you should know if you’re looking to start climbing the blended learning tree. Starting from down at the roots is the planning process. It’s about a lot more than just ‘planning’ on buying some iPads. Planning involves creating appropriate blended learning spaces. That means you have a nice place for students to gather and collaborate while using technology. Scroll down to the bottom of the graphic below to get started."


Via Jim Lerman, michel verstrepen, Jenny Pesina, Peter Mellow