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New imaging method 'predicts' heart attack risk

New imaging method 'predicts' heart attack risk | Technology |

Scientists have created an imaging technique that can detect which patients are at high risk of heart attack. The device 'lights up' fatty plaques in the arteries that may rupture.


Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in the UK say the test - carried out using positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) - is able to "light up" dangerous fatty plaques in the arteries that are in danger of rupturing. This is a process that can cause heart attacks.


To reach their findings, the researchers analyzed 80 patients. Of these, 40 patients recently had a heart attack, while the other 40 patients had angina - restricted blood supply to the heart posing a higher risk of heart attack.

'First step' towards heart attack prevention

Using the PET-CT scanner, the researchers found that 90% of patients who had a heart attack showed a "lit up" yellow area in one of their blood vessels. This area corresponded exactly to the location of the plaque that caused the patients' heart attacks, the researchers say.


The scanner also showed lit up plaques in around 40% of the patients with angina. Furthermore, the researchers found "high-risk" features in these patients that suggested a heart attack may be imminent, meaning they were in need of aggressive drug treatment or surgery.


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Dr.Dominique Dock's curator insight, November 12, 2013 7:42 AM

This might guide doctors to use statins ONLY in patients who can benefit from them !?....

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Glasses to make you a real-life Tony Stark

Glasses to make you a real-life Tony Stark | Technology |
A California startup is creating 3-D glasses that let you interact with virtual objects in the real world.

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Google Glass Gets Into The Music Game

Google Glass Gets Into The Music Game | Technology |

As soon as it came out, the $1,500 futuristic eyewear known as Google Glass became something of a punchline. But the technology now has some music apps that go along with it, and those apps seem pretty fucking cool. Using voice-activated commands, you can now identify a song that you might hear, find that song, buy it, and even search out a place to find that song on vinyl. And in the promotional video below, Jay-Z sound engineer Young Guru does exactly that, hearing a song in a Mexican restaurant and then finding that exact same song on vinyl.

Cristian Barkan's curator insight, December 9, 2013 12:14 PM

I think this is great the idea of having some glasses that by just akisng it to look something up for you in the internet i mean anything.  You can be sitting in the train and you hear a song that you like you can just touch these glasses and ask for the name of the song and it will give it to you. Lets say you in a diferent country that you dont know the language of good thing you got this glasses thought cause you cant ask these glasses to translate words for you so i think thes glasses are pretty cool.