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8 Types of Technology That Will Be Essential in the 2015 Workplace

8 Types of Technology That Will Be Essential in the 2015 Workplace | Technology |

"If technology continues to evolve at the current rate, the 2015 workplace could look quite different from today's office spaces -- and may even involve less traditional office space with the rise of telecommuting. From a company's hiring process to sharing knowledge with employees, technology has the ability to change the way we all work.


What technology will be essential in the 2015 workplace, but doesn't exist yet?" from:


NOTE: This short post has 8 thought worthy services and technology that would prove mighty helpful in this digital world that is more complex every day. I like the info for "Learning Academies to Keep Up With New Knowledge" (aka Lifelong Learning).

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What your working place might look in 2015?

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Your Breath May Hold The Key To Diagnosing Cancer

Your Breath May Hold The Key To Diagnosing Cancer | Technology |
Researchers used a new nano-material that was up to 90 percent successful in identifying patients with stomach cancers from their breath alone.

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4. Healthcare


Researchers have conducted clinical trials that have indicated a 90% success rate in identifying through the use of nanotechnology testing the breath, which patients had stomach cancer. The technology is similar to the capabilities of dogs which have been known to detect types of cancers through their greater sense of smell.


This technology seems to be a long time coming, as it has been widely known for a time that dogs have been able to detect cancers. Although more trials are needed, the non-invasiveness of this procedure compared to the alternative may relieve some anxiety for otherwise concerned patients. I'm sure the research is already being done as to how testing can continue to be extended to other types of cancers.

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This Car Predicts Your Every Need

This Car Predicts Your Every Need | Technology |

This Car Predicts Your Every Need #technology #automobile

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This Car Predicts Your Every Need #technology #automobile

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Kinect-like technology turns any surface into a touchscreen

Kinect-like technology turns any surface into a touchscreen | Technology |
Technology projects a touchscreen onto your hand, clothes, a wall, or any surface, so you can operate your phone without removing it from your pocket.

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Shaun Dewar's curator insight, March 21, 2013 4:37 AM

This is a very interesting article that briefly explains what all the compnents look like. There is a a short video at the end showing the new technology and several things it can do. 

Hayley Regalado's curator insight, March 21, 2013 6:42 PM

This article discusses technology that can project a touch screen on any given surface. The technology is called 'OmniTouch' and is similar to the X-box Kinect technology. This technology is not going to be a major technology in future because it is close to being available now. The prototype for this product is complete and is currently undergoing tests. The advantage of OmniTouch technology is the ability to increase the size of projection. According to the article, OmniTouch has the capability of choosing optimised display settings for every new surface. The current issue with the prototype is the cumbersome size and shape. This problem is being addressed in future prototypes.


In my opinion this new technology can be perceived in two ways… Either it will seem intriguing to users but will decrease in popularity as technology enters an era predominantly surrounded by voice control and gesture control; or the technology will bring great success to mobile computing and portability. This article will contribute to my research into projected touch technologies such as the Ericson’s Company spider device.

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Educational Technology

Educational Technology | Technology |
Educational Technology, various technologies in schools, instructional technology specialists are rapidly becoming key participants in reshaping the learning process.


Educational technology specialists are individuals with proficiency in technology and computers with an aptitude for teaching. They play an important role in selecting the appropriate technology for classroom applications including meeting the needs of special education students.


An educational technology specialist has one foot in the field of technology and IT and other foot in the field of education and teaching. They are able to foresee the kind of impact which the technological advances have on the society. They also see how to use these technological advances for the benefit of the society in the form of advances in delivering teaching aids.


For More Information On Educational Technology,

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Amanda Jones's curator insight, March 13, 2014 8:34 AM

With the ever changing advances in technology, is it fair to say that all students are now educational technology specialists? 

Students need to understand the impact that advances in technology will have on society and the Australian Curriculum:Technologies allows students develop ICT capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately (ACARA,2013).


Juan Diego López Cárdenas's curator insight, June 16, 2014 11:18 AM

La tecnología va a revolucionar la educación tal y como la conocemos...