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Excerpt from article written and curated by Master Curator Robin Good and published on MasterNewMedia:
"Many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of news streams or visual collections that can be produced with them.

The most limiting factor of all, in making an effective selection when it comes to content curation tools is the lack of a proper evaluation framework, identifying the specific requirements and needs that need to be met by the content curation tool to be selected.

I am now publicly sharing this list of selection criteria, complemented by relevant questions to be asked when verifying the availability of these features to help both individuals, small organizations and companies evaluate better, and in a more systematic fashion, their ideal content curation toolset.

Here the features-list, organized into 21 groups. (*I have marked with HS those features relevant only to hosted content curation services.)
1. Import and Export functions
2. Content Organization
3. Clipping Abilities
4. Integrated Search
5. Content Monitoring - News Discovery
6. Filtering
7. Display formats
8. Arrangement
9. Navigation
10.Editing and Formatting
11.Ownership - HS
12.Collaboration - HS
13.Private Collections / Streams - HS
14.Intelligence - Memory
15.Crediting and Attribution
16.Preservation - Archiving
17.Distribution options
18.SEO - HS
19.Reach (for hosted curation platforms) - HS
20.Integrations - API - HS
21.Branding - White Label - Design Customization - HS..."

Each group is analyzed with more informations. Read full, useful and interesting article here:

(Hat Tip to Robin Good: @Robin Good )


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