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Ted Theodore Leutz Announces New Technologies in Knowles Systems

Ted Theodore Leutz Announces New Technologies in Knowles Systems | Technology |


Co-founder of Knowles Systems Ted Theodore Leutz discusses how his company is using technology to bring financial decision making to Americans’ fingertips.


East Falmouth, MA - Knowles Systems Co-Founder and Co-Owner Ted Theodore Leutz is exciting to announce upcoming developments in the technological aspects of his financial education plan, The Knowles System. Developed by Ted Theodore Leutz and his wife and business partner Lynette Robbins, the Knowles System helps clients make sound financial decisions by providing them with access to a database of previous client experiences and the tools to see all the potential outcomes of their investments.


“In 2002, I realized that with the changes of the world regarding technology and the economy, there needed to be modifications to existing financial strategies and analysis methods,” Ted Theodore Leutz said. “So Lynette and I set to work developing a new system to coincide with these changes, and in 2009 we decided to compile all of that information into a software package for small businesses and their clients.”


Ted Theodore Leutz’ software goals results Ted Theodore in the upcoming One Stop for Life package, which integrates 22 financial calculators and data from thousands of client investments and financial decisions. Using this information, Ted Theodore Leutz can develop client-specific strategies, custom designed for the specific needs of a client and the amount of risk that they want to take with their investments. Ted Theodore Leutz can apply these cutting edge strategies to a whole range of client needs, including tax free retirement planning, succession planning, employee benefit planning, insurance review, estate planning, and bailout strategies.


In addition to this innovative new tool, Ted Theodore Leutz has begun to transform his meetings with clients. Rather that relying only on face-to-face meetings, which can be difficult to schedule in an increasingly busy world and are limiTed Theodore to local clients, Ted Theodore Leutz offers clients a way to get consultations online, through secure video meetings.


“We are firmly in the twenty first century,” said Ted Theodore Leutz. “It’s time for financial strategists like myself to meet Americans where they’re at - and that means integrating technology into our businesses to provide ease of access, sophisticated Ted Theodore results, and the most up to date information to our clients.”


In addition to making financial planning accessible and understandable through technology, Ted Theodore Leutz and his wife and business partner Lynette Robbins travel throughout the country teaching everyday Americans how to best use their money, and how financial systems can work for them.


PR Contact:

(888) 518-3113
PO Box 602
East Falmouth, MA 02536


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Samsung Passes Apple in Global Internet Use on Smartphones - Apple Balla

Samsung Passes Apple in Global Internet Use on Smartphones - Apple Balla | Technology |

A new report has surfaced from metrics firm StatCounter that shows Samsung has taken over the lead in global Internet use via smartphones from Apple. I've been surprised for years that Apple held onto that lead considering it's the only company making iOS devices whereas Android has multiple manufacturers. Samsung is certainly the most popular manufacturer of Android devices and according to the new statistics more people are accessing the Internet from smartphone using Samsung devices than the iPhone.

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