Gimme Bar, An App That Lets You Clip And Save Anything On The Web | Technology_artic |
The Internet’s got a cornucopia of tools for organizing the crap we find and want to bookmark online. Too many, really. We collect articles using Instapaper. We store pictures on Flickr. We favor tweets on Twitter.

Gimme Bar, a beta app, tries to offer a corrective by letting us grab text, images, and videos from the web, then store them in a single place. It’s a virtual bulletin board for everything. Gimme Bar  features content both with, and independent of, its original link.

Gimme Bar lets you extract the snippet by dragging it into a Gimme Bar box at the bottom of the page. You give it a description, douse it with hashtags if need be, and add it to a “collection,” then it saves instantly to your archive so you can access it whenever and wherever. If for some reason you want to go back to the original url, it saves that, too. From there, the content is dead simple to find. Items are arranged pictorially in a spic-and-span tile format. Click an image, and the item springs into full view, complete with the old link and buttons for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The benefits of a tile format are well known by now: It works great across multiple platforms, whether an smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.


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