Technology and language learning
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Technology and language learning
Use of technology in the language classroom
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YouTube Blog: YouTube automatic captions now in six European languages

In 2009, you first saw a feature that automatically creates captions on YouTube videos in English, and since then we’ve added Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Today, hundreds of millions of people speaking six more languages—German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch—will have automatic caption support for YouTube videos in those languages.

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Free 57 Language Translation App – Now for the iPad! | iGo With My iPad

Free 57 Language Translation App – Now for the iPad! | iGo With My iPad | Technology and language learning |
The Pros of the Google Translate app: A clean simple interface to choose between the two languages to translate between.
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Subtitle, Caption and Translate Any Video with Amara / Universal Subtitles

Robin Good: Amara / Universal Subtitles is a free web-based service that allows anyone to easily sub-title and add captions to any video. 


As long as you have a URL of a published video, Amara makes it very easy to caption it. The clip may be on a video sharing site or embedded in custom video player and Amara can still get to it.


Amara is made up of three main parts:


a) A subtitle creation and viewing tool (aka the widget)

b) A collaborative subtitling website


c) An open protocol for subtitle search/delivery


All tools inside Amara are free and open-source.


Supported video players and video sharing sites include:


Flowplayer JW Player Firefox native player Chrome native player
  YouTube Vimeo Dailymotion


See examples: ;


To start subtitling now, go here:  ;


FAQ: ;


Find out more: ;

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Margie's curator insight, June 7, 2013 12:24 PM

This tool makes video more acessible for EAL learners. Of course, we could create captions with the tools in  Youtube.

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Lost in translation: tech age limits learning languages

Lost in translation: tech age limits learning languages | Technology and language learning |
Smartphones are making language translators more accessible to everyone, but one Cal Poly professor says he doesn't expect students to stop studying modern...
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