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Curated by John Dalziel
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The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Blobz Introductory Guide to Electric Circuits provides a series of interactive animations designed to help beginners, learn how electric circuits work.
There are five sections to the series.
Each sections builds upon the lessons of the previous section.
The series starts with the basics of what makes a circuit complete and concludes with diagramming and building circuits.
Each section in the series has a few short lessons and is followed by an animated interactive activity to which learners can apply what they have just learned.
Ideal for beginners, family Learning and more.

Jocelyn Bassett's curator insight, April 9, 2015 2:18 AM

I found the Blobz Guide interesting, visually appealing and interactive.  It is a fun and engaging way to learn about Electric Circuits.


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DIY | technologies | is a website aimed at kids but, where educators can find dozens of DIY projects that their learners can do on their own or with their peers. provides videos and instructions on how to do the projects.

After going through the directions learners can then try to complete the project(s).

Practitioners can take the role of parents, having their own dashboards that they can use to track the activities of their learners. Learners registered on will have aliases and cartoon avatar pictures. is a source of project ideas for practitioners and their Learners to work on together.


Through the project challenges, students can learn about a range of subjects including...
- biology,
- computer science,

- electricity,

- geography,
- music,
- physics,
...and more.

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CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator

CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator | technologies |

Sketch, simulate, and share circuits, entirely in your browser -- no install required.


CircuitLab enables practitioners and learners to sketch out circuit designs rapidly, cleanly, and on the web or an iPad.


CircuitLab, a free tool, includes...

- an easy drag-and-drop interface,

- circuit analysis,

- easy printing, and more.


Take a look at the video to see the creators of CircuitLab creating a simple circuit to showcase the application.

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BC Hydro - Energy in British Columbia

BC Hydro - Energy in British Columbia | technologies |

Hydro to Home, an interactive narrated story of hydro-electric power from raindrops to homes, with interactive images that users can click on to learn even more information about hydro-electric power.


Produced by British Columbia (BC) Hydro Hydro to Home is a good way for users to learn about the process of getting electricity from reservoirs to homes.


Note: Users will be asked for an address in British Columbia. If you don't have such an address type in a number and select an address from the an auto-generated list that will appear.

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Science: Safely Experiment with Electrical Circuits on is a free website on which learners can design and test electrical circuits.


They can design their circuits using the virtual version of components that they could purchase and place on a circuit board.


As users design their circuits, will tell them if the circuits will work or not.

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ecDB - electronics component DataBase

ecDB, short for Electronic Component Database is an online website that every mechanic and electrical engineering learner/practitioner will like.



- allows users to keep their electronic inventory organized,

- gives users the option to keep a track of...

- the items they currently own

- the items required for different projects.


Items can be further organized into different categories allowing users to filter them and sort them accordingly.

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World Electricity Mix Interactive -- National Geographic

World Electricity Mix Interactive -- National Geographic | technologies |
Where does the world get its electricity? See how much power is generated, and from what fuels, today and in the future.


We all need energy...
     - to survive
     - for our physical being,
     - in order to run all of our electronics and drive our cars.

With National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge users can...
     - find out how big their carbon footprint is.
     - find out about the carbon footprint of every region around the world.
     - also view an interactive display of electrical consumption all around the world.
     - view a global map, or zoom and see more specific regions. The interactive display also shows how each region produces electricity. You can use the sliders below the map to see how changing the way a region produces their electricity would impact that region, and the entire world.

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