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Sharing new posts about apps and extensions I've found, tried and evaluated for the world of Education are now on my Facebook Page; posting to this ScoopIt Free Account Page would now involve deleting earlier posts, which defeats the point of my posts. The whole aim is to share so that others can discover useful tools to enhance their current practice..
So learners, practitioners, and other stakeholders...
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Scratchwork - on-line whiteboard and video conferencing tool designed with STEM/STEAM learners in...
Scratchwork is a relatively new on-line whiteboard and video conferencing tool designed with STEM/STEAM learners in mind. 
Scratchwork's platform works like many similar services as it provides users with a whiteboard on which they can...
  - draw,
  - type, and
  - import images to annotate. 
BONUS: Scratchwork is a little different than other services because it includes a Latex editor for writing equations. 
Scratchwork also offers an option to draw on a tablet and import those drawings. 
The collaboration element comes into effect when users activate the video conferencing component built into Scratchwork. 
NOTE: Scratchwork's free plan has a limit of four boards and three collaborators. 
Pricing can be viewed at ;
Has to be worth trying out at least one of the four free boards!
Draw.Chat - Virtual Classroom/Real-time collaboration
Looking for ways to hold remote, on-line...
  - tutoring? and/or
  - meetings to plan presentations? and/or
  - meetings to edit project outlines etc.? 
Today's post may provide a solution... 
Draw Chat is a "free" service that allows anyone to create a video chat over a whiteboard, PDF, image, or map. 
To use Draw Chat just...
  - visit the site and
  - click "Start New Whiteboard." Once the whiteboard launches users will have the option to enable access to their webcam and microphone. 
  - Send the link, assigned to the whiteboard, to have others join the whiteboard video conference. 
Draw Chat allows users to...
  - draw or type on a shared whiteboard.
  - upload a PDF or an image to annotate on the whiteboard. 
A fourth option for drawing on Draw Chat is to import the URL for a Google Map and draw on that map. 
NOTE: Users are randomly assigned a username in the video and text chat which is an odd thing and can be a source of confusion unless you're using the video conferencing aspect of Draw Chat. 
It's FREE so give it a go!
Science Dictionary - Biology, Physics, & More - One for STEM/STEAM Educators and Learners
Science Dictionary, as its name suggests, provides definitions of more than 1,000,000 scientific terms across different scientific fields including biology, physics, chemistry, geology, oceanography, astronomy, environmental science and many more. 
Science Dictionary also provides visual illustrations in the forms of diagrams and images. 
Some of the scientific terms come with audio pronunciation in both American and British accents so students can learn how to say them. 
Other features provided by Science Dictionary include...
  - the ability to bookmark and save unlimited pages so users can easily access them later on,
  - the use of native voice search to audio search terms,
  - viewing search suggestions as users type in their queries,
  - users seeing their recent searches,
  - access to advanced settings to refine searches and
  - being able to share definitions with others through social media platforms , email or text. 
Science Dictionary is worth a closer look!
Student e-Planner - One for learners from the Chrome Web Store
Coursework needs its own routine and habits. 
For assignments, reminders, and a helpful calendar, learners should check out Student e-Planner a Chrome extension that helps learners organise every class and assignment. 
Student e-Planner enables learners to...
  - add their courses,
  - enter their assignments,
  - schedule due dates and times, and
  - mark off items as they complete them.
Extra Student e-Planner features include...
  - a calendar view of all coursework,
  - a tab to see their completed items,
  - the ability to add notes,
  - editable colours per class, an overall theme colour, and
  - desktop notifications for reminders. 
Student e-Planner is an impressive Chrome extension that helps learners stay on course.