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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Microsoft Translator - Addressing Language Barriers - inclusion

Microsoft Translator - Addressing Language Barriers - inclusion | technologies |
Microsoft Translator live is a free translation and transcription service that let's you have translated conversations across multiple devices on iOS, Android, Windows, PowerPoint and web for 1:1 conversations or larger group interactions. Support for real time conversation for over 60 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and many more. Break the language barrier
John Dalziel's insight:
With an increase in on-line courses, presenting to wider audiences, it's important that Learning providers ensure that their learners feel welcome and can take part in any conversations. 
A wide range of "Learner languages" can be a barrier to this! 
Microsoft Translator will translate an educator's spoken or typed words in real-time. 
Before you say anything, Microsoft Translator isn't a one-way street. 
Learners, and/or others, who have joined the "translation room" conversation can reply in their chosen languages and their messages will be instantly translated into the educator's chosen language and the languages of others participating. 
To get started Educators just...
  - open the Microsoft Translator website and
  - choose "start conversation." 
Their translation room is then launched. 
Learners and others that make up the audience can join the conversation by...
  - entering the join link or
  - scanning a QR code. 
Individuals can...
  - choose the language they want the text and/or spoken words translated into and
  - can reply in their chosen languages and their messages will be instantly translated into the chosen language of all other participants. 
Microsoft Translator has dedicated mobile apps. 
Get the Translator App for...
NOTE: This PowerPoint feature can also be used for audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing. 
It can also be used in any modern web browser on a laptop. 
And there's more! 
In addition to the stand-alone website and mobile apps, 
Microsoft Translator is available as a PowerPoint add-in. 
When installed into PowerPoint, Microsoft Translator will automatically subtitle the slides as the presenter speaks. 
More than 60 languages are available in the Microsoft Translator PowerPoint add-in. 
For a brief demo, take a look at...
  - Richard Byrne's video clip at OR
  - Microsoft's demo of Microsoft Translator working in PowerPoint in a classroom at ;
If educators are delivering on-line courses, they need to try out Microsoft Translator
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Word Map

Word Map | technologies |
This experiment brings together the power of Google Translate and the collective knowledge of Wikipedia to put into context the relationship between language and geographical space.
John Dalziel's insight:

This is for those studying languages.
   - Type in any word in any language, from Arabic to Zulu, then...
   - Click any of the links on the map to hear it spoken.
The map shows how words spread around the World, and what languages share the same spelling.
Clicking a word in a country tells users more about the language with a link to its Wikipedia page.
Note: it works best with simple words.

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Google Translate: Phrasebook

Le service Google gratuit de traduction en ligne permet de traduire instantanément du texte et des pages Web.
John Dalziel's insight:

Google has added a new feature for Google Translate called Phrasebook.
As the name suggests, Phrasebook can be used to save commonly used phrases.
This can be used, by learners (including ESOL/EFL/ESL etc.), as a language tool.
To begin with, Phrasebook will be empty, but learners can populate it with their phrases by clicking the star under a translation they’ve just made.
Now, even if they forget a word, they can click the Phrasebook icon above the upper-right corner of the box containing the translation to open their Phrasebook.
Select the word or phrase they want to use, loads it in the translation area with a click. They can filter phrases by language pair, or search for a specific phrase.
NOTE: The text-to-speech icons next to the phrases give them a vocal pronunciation.

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Language Labs - Translator Bookmarklet

The Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet is a simple little tool for translating the content of any webpage.

Ideal for learners to translate webpages into their own language.

To use the Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet users need to specify the language they want content to be translated into and then install the bookmarklet onto their own PC.

Whenever they're viewing a webpage they can click on the browser bookmarklet to translate the page.

Installing the bookmarklet is a simple drag and drop process.

Note: translations provided by Microsoft Translator may not be perfect but they can help 'learner understanding' of the content - which isn't in their native tongue.

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Transmiti - Google Translate Client

Transmiti - Google Translate Client | technologies |

Transmiti - Translate selected text or entire documents in no time!

Transmiti is a small (less than 800KB in download), portable Windows application that can translate selected text in any document or any Windows program without the need to open a browser window or upload the document currently being read.

Download the standalone .EXE file and run it. Highlight some text in a Word or PDF document, tap the specified hotkey and after a small delay, the translated text appears in a popup window. Users can, make the program automatically copy the translation to the clipboard and/or replace the highlighted text in the document, if editing is allowed.

Note: By default, the hotkey is set to the Windows key on your keyboard, I changed it to the F9 key. I also had some problems with the proxy settings in work but easily entered to allow it to work.

This may well be the tool learners, whose first language isn't English, are looking for to help them understand documents.

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Dictate-Speech Recognition for Microsoft Office

Dictate-Speech Recognition for Microsoft Office | technologies |
Type with your voice using Dictate, a speech recognition and real time translation add-in for Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint).
John Dalziel's insight:
Dictate is a free add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. 
Once users have Dictate installed they can speak to have text appear in their... 
  - documents, 
  - slides, and 
  - emails. 
Simple voice commands let users... 
  - insert punctuation, 
  - delete words, and 
  - start new paragraphs. 
Dictate also supports... 
  - more than 20 languages for dictation and 
  - Real-time translation to 60 languages. 
Dictate takes just a minute or two to install. 
  - download the installation file and 
  - run the installation wizard once have Dictate appear in all three Microsoft products. 
Dictate could be a helpful add-in for many learners that need to speak to insert text into documents or emails. 
For an overview, take a look at the video at ;
For many this could save time and make them more productive; it must be worth a closer look.
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Reverso | Free online translation, dictionary

Reverso | Free online translation, dictionary | technologies | : Free online translation in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, English.
John Dalziel's insight:

Reverso is a portal of linguistic tools including: translation, dictionary, spell-checker,conjugation, grammar, pronunciation feature (just click on a word or a selection of words or on the voice icon). 
It is a free service mostly financed by advertising. 

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Duolingo | Learn English, Spanish and German for free

With Duolingo users learn a language for free, and simultaneously translate the Web.


Users read, listen to, and translate words and phrases.


They are shown words with translations and can can hear the words pronounced too.


To practice they type and or speak translations.


Activities start out with simple words and phrases and as they become more proficient, Duolingo gives them more challenging phrases.


Duolingo also awards users points and virtual badges.


Before Language practitioners become too anoyed, I want to emphasise Duolingo won't replace in-person instruction, but it is a good site for learners to use to practice writing and speaking a new language. One for ESOL learners as well.

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Phonetic Alphabet

A phonetic alphabet or spelling alphabet is a set of words used instead of alphabetic letters in radio communication. This page has a javascript phonetic translator.

Phonetic Alphabet is a free to use online tool that helps convert sentences into phonetic alphabets.
No registration is required.


Users just visit the website and type in a sentence.
Each word in the sentence is broken down into phonetic alphabets with each line dedicated for a single word.

The Phonetic Alphabet website also provides instructions on how to incorporate this tool into a blog, VLE, website etc.


An ideal resource for those engaged with "Emergency Service Training", Communications courses, armed service(s) training etc.

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