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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Typing Pal - On-line Typing/keyboarding skills Program

Typing Pal - On-line Typing/keyboarding skills Program | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:
Typing is an essential skill for using technology in the Real World but few Learning Providers offer typing courses. 
Typing Pal is a valuable tool for individuals to learn typing and keyboarding skills; its three environment levels and customisable texts keep learning relevant to learners' courses and skill levels. 
When learners take the initial timed test, it's easy to track their improvement over the Typing Pal course, since the final test is identical. 
The Typing Pal course includes a number of motivational tools to keep learners tracking their own progress. 
During each lesson, learners can see their...
  - current accuracy percentage,
  - number of mistakes,
  - speed, and
  - progress. 
This provides an awareness of how learners are doing within the Typing Pal lesson. 
Learners also have access to the video replays of their own exercises to allow them to clearly see where they struggle. 
The built-in improvement exercises automatically customise themselves to each user's needs and provide targeted practice. 
Educators can also give older learners more control over their goals, helping learners take charge of their own learning. 
For Educators, the back end features very powerful learner management tools where settings for groups and activities can be modified. 
There are also customisable fonts for learners with special needs, including dyslexia-friendly fonts. 
Typing Pal is meant to be used frequently for short durations, getting students to learn and practice their new skills. 
Typing Pal's lessons are broken down into small, gradual steps, and learners are encouraged with the award of badges. 
  1: Typing Pal isn't free.
  2: Visit Typing Pal Online - - to view the options for individuals, rather than learning providers
  3: click the link to the Typing Pal Store - - for the costs for individuals e.g. the Windows download version, at the time of posting this was £20.57
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Remote Mouse: Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard.

Remote Mouse: Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard. | technologies |
Remote Mouse
John Dalziel's insight:

Turn a mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard.
Basically this allows practitioners, and/or learners, to control their computer from anywhere in the room, with either wifi or 3G.
Main mouse functionalities featured, including...
   - click,
   - double-click,
   - right-click,
   - scroll and
   - drag.
Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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Skillfulsenior | technologies |

One for ACL Providers - Skillful Senior is a computer skills site for the older beginner/learners to learn the IT/ICT skills they need.


The site has interactive animated tutorials that teach...

- a bit about ergonomics (how to use your computer in a way that won’t result in pain)

- how to use a mouse,

- the arrow keys on the keyboard,

- how to email their grandchildren

- get medical information on the Internet and

- touch typing.


Each tutorial is helped along with a voiceover by a digital character. They CAN do it all!.

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CanAssist | Dynamic Keyboard

CanAssist | Dynamic Keyboard | technologies |
The Dynamic Keyboard program provides a "reduced target" on-screen keyboard with word prediction; it is also free.
The keyboard offers a simple interface to enter text using reduced keys on the screen.
Dynamic Keyboard access methods include...
* Intellikeys;
* a mouse or mouse emulator;
* joystick;
* track ball; and
* head tracking.
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WebSID; Chrome music experiment...

WebSID; Chrome music experiment... | technologies |
An homage to the Commodore 64's SID sounds running inside your WebKit browser
John Dalziel's insight:

For some practitioners, especially if they’re a child of the 80′s,WebSID will definitely bring back some memories.
The WebSID is a digital recreation of the iconic SID sound chip, as used in the Commodore 64.
It’s very simple and easy to use, with a straightforward interface, and can be played using a computer keyboard.
The on-screen keyboard also responds to touch if users are accessing it on a smartphone or tablet or iPad.
WebSID also comes with a built-in delay effect for more sound design possibilities.
WebSID is also available on the Chrome Web Store so practitioners, and/or their learners, can play the synth offline.
Note: It's been built using the WebAudio API, so only works in browsers that support HTML5 audio.

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Online Virtual Keyboard Emulator. Search, Share, Translate, Save and Print in more than 50 languages! No need to download any software or plug-in!
John Dalziel's insight: is a set of a Free Online Multilingual and Interactive Onscreen Keyboard tools.

Practitioners,and/or learners can type, search, convert and translate in 53 languages, with no need to install any additional software.
Type in any of the available languages by clicking on the virtual keyboard buttons using a mouse. In case you have the chosen language characters on your physical keyboard, just use your keyboard to type the characters.

The keyboard key is displayed directly below the box in which your typed text appears.

Lite Type has some other convenient features like integrated search for images, videos, and websites.
Lite Type also has an integrated multilingual dictionary.

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Typing Club - Free Touch Typing Software

Typing Club - Free Touch Typing Software | technologies |
Master touch typing using this free game / training program.


Typing Club is a popular website offering free online touch typing lessons for learners of all ages.


Typing Club is available as a Google Chrome Web App. The Web App functions the same way as the website.


As you type users are given instant real-time feedback about their accuracy and speed.


Unlike other typing resources, that make you wait until an activity is completed, Typing Club calculates accuracy and speed with each keystroke.

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