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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Pixton Comic Characters - easily insert comic characters into Powerpoint slides (Pedagogical Agents for Learning)

Pixton Comic Characters - easily insert comic characters into Powerpoint slides (Pedagogical Agents for Learning) | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:
Looking for ways to add illustrated, posable comic characters to your presentations? Well Pixton Comic Characters is a PowerPoint extension that Educators and/or Learners can easily install. 
Pixton Comic Characters enables users to easily insert comic characters into their slides. 
There are over 40 thousand images to choose from and users don’t even need to have a Pixton account to start using the pre-set characters. 
For users who already have a Pixton account, they can link the account and start creating their own customised characters to insert in their presentations. 
To learn more about the Pixton Comics characters add-in, watch the video at ;
P.S. For those of you not familiar with Pixton Comic Maker - - this is a web tool, and mobile app, that's ideal for creating educational comics, allowing users to easily design comic characters to use for a variety of educational purposes. 
Both are worth a closer look and trying out.
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The Chromebook App List by the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers

The Chromebook App List by the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers | technologies |
Updated 14 August 2017 Permanent short link to this document: About this document: One of the hurdles for teachers adopting Chromebooks in their classroom is finding alternatives to software they previously used on their Windows or Mac desktops o
John Dalziel's insight:
One of the hurdles for Education Practitioners adopting Chromebooks in their Learning Environments is finding alternatives to software they previously used on their Windows or Mac desktops or laptops, or even their iPads. 
The Chromebook App List is a mixture of Chrome extensions, Chrome Apps, and web-based tools that help drive productivity, production, and creativity. 
All of the tools have been tested by the NCCE Tech-Savvy Team on both newer and older Chromebooks and are 100% compatible based on their experiences. 
The intention is that this list will be a living document and will change and adapt over time. 
NOTE: As with any list you find on the Internet (including my posts), users should research and carefully vet any suggested tool, before adopting them within their learning environments. 
Well worth a look! 
P.S. Visitors to this resource are encouraged to share additional resources that can be added
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Educational Apps | Facebook

Educational Apps | Facebook | technologies |

Educational Apps. FiTES (Find Try Evaluate & Share) - You are the experts in your field of work

John Dalziel's insight:
Sharing new posts about apps and extensions I've found, tried and evaluated for the world of Education are now on my Facebook Page; posting to this ScoopIt Free Account Page would now involve deleting earlier posts, which defeats the point of my posts. The whole aim is to share so that others can discover useful tools to enhance their current practice..
So learners, practitioners, and other stakeholders...
Do Take a Look.
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Context Menu Search

Context Menu Search | technologies |
Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines
John Dalziel's insight:
When people want to look up a word or a phrase that they have come across on a web page, they usually... 
 ► select the relevant text,
 ► copy the text (Ctrl+C)
 ► open Google, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. in a new tab,
 ► paste the copied text there (Ctrl+V), and
 ► hit the search button. 
Well, the Context Menu Search extension allows you to search for the selected text using the context menu (right-click menu) i.e. without leaving the page that you’re on. 
The search engine options that you’d like to see in the context menu and whether you want the search results to open in a focused tab or a background tab is up to individuals. 
Click on the Options link listed below the search engines in the context menu to set up custom search engines and specify tab behaviour preferences. 
An excellent Chrome extension for everyone, saving so much time!
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Explain and Send Screenshots

Explain and Send Screenshots | technologies |
Capture a webpage, write text, arrows and circles on it and share it with a direct link to the screenshot without a frame!
John Dalziel's insight:

Explain and Send is a free Chrome extension that, because I've got synchronization enabled, I have installed on all my browsers.


The extension allows me to quickly select all or a portion of my screen, draw on it, type on it, and share it.

After a screen capture has been created, users can share it via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

john Larmour's comment, September 15, 2013 5:15 PM
handy tool Thx
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WatchDoc | technologies |
Notifies you if your Google Docs change
John Dalziel's insight:

If practitioners and/or learners have shared some documents with others on Google Docs, this Chrome extension will list their shared documents that have been updated since the last time they viewed them.
An essential extension for those engaged in collaborative work andor for practitioners who are using Google Drive with learners.

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Video Resumer

Video Resumer | technologies |
Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.
John Dalziel's insight:

If learners are watching an educational video on YouTube, for a flipped learning environment task perhaps, there will times when they need to leave their computer to do something else.
When they turn the computer back on, they locate the YouTube clip, and then try to find where they'd stopped watching. This can be difficult, in particular for long videos.
In steps Video Resumer.
Video Resumer is a free to use browser extension made for the Google Chrome web browser.
This extension is an absolute must for learners accessing course video clips hosted on YouTube; it improves their experience on the video streaming website.
Video Resumer remembers where users stop watching a YouTube video.
Whether learners close the tab or browser window, revisiting the same YouTube video they were watching earlier will begin its playing from the same point that they left off.

GoJobio's comment, November 4, 2014 4:35 AM
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Webpage & WebCam Screenshot

Webpage & WebCam Screenshot | technologies |

A Fast & Simple solution to Save screenshots of any webpage. 

Webpage & Webcam Screenshot is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome.


This browser extension lets practitioners and/or learners take screenshots of the webpages they visit.


They can capture screenshots of only the visible webpage area or the entire webpage.


Users have the option to save the screenshots in either PNG or JPG file formats.


The extension lets users modify the text on the webpage too; the text fields are detected and made editable before users take the screenshot.

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Library Extension (for web browsers)

Library Extension (for web browsers) | technologies |
The #1 Browser Extension that lets you instantly see book and eBook availability from your local library
John Dalziel's insight:
Library Extension is an excellent Chrome add-on (Firefox coming soon) to help users check whether their local library has a particular book that they come across on-line. 
The way it works is straight forward...
  - Once users install it on their browser
  - click on the book icon in the top right and set up their libraries.
  - Next time they browse books on sites such as Amazon or Goodreads they will instantly get to see whether those titles are available in their chosen libraries or not.
  - If they are they can borrow or place a hold on them with a single click. 
Library Extension is definitely a time saver. 
Audiobooks, music and movies are supported for select libraries. Library Extension supports almost 4000 libraries in different countries including here in the UK, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. 
Visit to see the full list of support libraries. 
As for the sites that work with Library Extensions, these include... 
  - Amazon (ca, co, uk, com, .de),
  - Barnes and Noble,
  - Good Reads,
  - Google Books,
  - Chapters/Indigo,
  - BookDepository,
  - AR BookFinder, and
  - LibraryThing. 
Just add the Library Extension to your Chrome Browser register your Library, if it's not already on the list, and give it a try. 
P.S. To increase public use of a Library, the libraries should ensure that they are registered.
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OurStickys -add sticky notes to web pages

OurStickys -add sticky notes to web pages | technologies |
Add Persistent Notes anywhere on any webpage, they will reappear when you re-open the page again
John Dalziel's insight:
OurStickys could be a useful tool... 
♥ for learners to use to annotate webpages that they plan to reference in their research papers. Rather than just bookmarking a webpage they can make notes to remind themselves of the part of the page that they plan to cite in their papers. 
♥ for teachers who want to make notes of teaching and talking points on webpages. 
Once users have OurStickys installed on their Chrome web browser they can simply right-click on a webpage and start writing notes on it. 
► Users can choose a different colour and font size for each of their notes 
► There's no limit to how many notes users can write on each page. 
► All notes can be re-sized and re-positioned on a page by simply dragging and dropping them into place. 
► There's also an option to stick a note to a full domain instead of just one page within a domain. e.g. I set one of my OurStickys notes, as a reminder of "Things to do", to display whenever I view any page on my website ;
NOTE: there is also log-in option for using sticky notes on multiple computers
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TurboNote | A online video note taking and bookmarking tool

TurboNote | A online video note taking and bookmarking tool | technologies |

Taking and sharing notes while watching on-line videos.

John Dalziel's insight:
TurboNote is a Chrome extension that enables users to take notes while watching a video in the same web browser window. Unlike some similar extensions, TurboNote isn't limited to working with YouTube videos. 
TurboNote can be used on 
♥ Vimeo, 
♥ Netflix, and 
♥ Facebook videos. 
Any notes that users type are automatically time-stamped and can be shared via social media and/or email.
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Typing Speed Monitor

Typing Speed Monitor | technologies |
Gives you statistics on how fast you type, what you type, and how often you type.
John Dalziel's insight:

Typing Speed Monitor Shows Your Typing Speed During Routine Web Tasks
Typing Speed Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that evaluates a user's typing skills while they're going about their daily web browsing or word processing activities. Ideal for Google Drive users.
If learners do a lot of writing on-line and/or are engaged with on-line courses, Typing Speed Monitor is one way for them to get accurate feedback on their typing proficiency in real-world settings.

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Download to Dropbox

Download to Dropbox | technologies |
Conveniently download straight into your Dropbox account
John Dalziel's insight:

This extension allows users to Skip the downloading step completely.
How? – just upload files, images etc., directly to their Dropbox from within Chrome.
With Download to Dropbox installed all users need to do is right-click any download link, then click “Upload to Dropbox” – and they’re done.
File are sent directly to Dropbox, meaning it will quickly sync to all of the user's computers and other devices.
Even better if users are downloading a file on one computer that they intend to use on another one.
Note: Users will find all files they upload to Dropbox in a specific folder: /Dropbox/Apps/Downloads From Chrome/

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Docs Quickly

Docs Quickly | technologies |
Quickly create a new Google Doc. It's just a single click from your menu bar.
John Dalziel's insight:

This Chrome extension allows users,practitioners and learners alike, to create a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or Drawing directly from their Chrome bar. 

There is noneed to launch; just a single click, and they have a new document.

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Black Menu - Chrome Extension

Black Menu - Chrome Extension | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

It’s time to face it – Google provides some awesome tools. Practitioners, and learners, are beginning to use it for everything – emailing, scheduling, file storage, navigation, apps, their browser (Chrome), etc.
This post looks at the one major problem – how do you easily access those apps and services?
If you are anything like me, you’re going to love what Black Menu has to offer.

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Chrome Extensions For Designers & Developers

Chrome Extensions For Designers & Developers | technologies |

This post targets Google Chrome's extensions for web designers, web developers as well as bloggers.


Checkout these Google chrome extensions for designers and developers; they include...

- Live CSS Editor;

- Screen Capture;

- Stylish (has accessibility uses);

- Speed Tracer;

- Window Resizer;

- Check My Links;

- Eye Dropper;

- Comps;

- The Grids;

- Neo Vision;

- SEO site tools and

- Pendule.

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