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Rescooped by JayaKumar Pedapudi from JavaScript for Line of Business Applications!

Engineering in JavaScript for SAPUI5

Engineering in JavaScript for SAPUI5 | Technologies |

Having talked to many developers, we found out that there is a huge demand for topics around engineering of SAPUI5 applications. The dynamic nature of JavaScript makes the language very powerful, but it is also challenging to build maintainable products with huge codebases. To counteract the tendency to messy codebases, we have to establish conventions and apply good engineering techniques. This blog post shall act as an overview about the different topics like testability, test driven development, local testing, continuous integration, agile software engineering, tools, setup of development environments, and clean code.


Setup of Development Environment:
* Setup for Local Testing in Eclipse

* Starting with Test Driven Development in JavaScript
* Getting more out of your JavaScript unit tests with strict mode
* Basic Patterns for Testable JavaScript Code
* How to Unit Test Custom Exceptions with QUnit
* Unit versus Integration-Tests in JavaScript
* Isolated Integration Tests
* How to improve the testability of a SAPUI5 app
* How to test against SAPUI5 views in a non-fragile way
* How to replace an ODataModel by a JSON Model

* TDD and JavaScript - JavaScript Unit Tests for UI5 Applications

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Rescooped by JayaKumar Pedapudi from Extjs!

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