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Everyone has some kind of to-do list, but which tool do you use to get it out of your head and keep track of the things you have to do?


+ Astrid (


Long gone are the days when Astrid was essentially only an Android-fan's to-do manager. Astrid is available for Android and iOS, has a great webapp for managing your to-dos, and has a Chrome extension to help keep you organized. You can sync and share to-dos across devices with other users, manage your to-dos from the web and see your changes on your phone, enter to-dos by voice, manage your to-dos by email, get push notifications on the go, sync with Google Tasks, and more. Best of all, it's completely free


+ Remember The Milk (


Remember The Milk has been around for a very long time, and it's still helping us get things done. You can still manage your to-dos anywhere, including the webapp, the Android, iOS, or Blackberry app, use phones or tablets, or integrate Remember The Milk with your Gmail, use Siri to add to-dos, sync with Google Tasks, and more. Best of all, the service has largely dropped many of its premium barriers and offers the bulk of its tools to free accounts.


+ Any.Do (


Any.Do is probably the newest of the top five, but it's been getting a lot of traction thanks to its sharp looking iOS app, its gesture-based Android app, and most recently, its upcoming webapp, new Chrome extension, and updates. Any.Do looks great, is easy to use, syncs your to-dos across devices flawlessly, and does it all for free.


+ Toodledo (


ToodleDo is one of the most robust tools in the roundup, partially because of its huge feature-set, but also because it's part to-do manager and part project tracking tool. It's available as a webapp or as a mobile app for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Toodledo imports tasks from other to-do managers, syncs with Google Tasks, lets you share and organize to-dos with groups if you need to, and even lets you add/complete/manage to-dos via email if you have to.

Toodledo's "hotlist" gives you an one-glance view of all of your most important to-dos, and you have as many sorting and filtering options as you could possibly need to keep those to-dos organized. The tool will even notify you when it's time to get started on something, and keep track of how long you've been working on a task so you know how long it'll take in the future. Oh, did we mention it's free?


+ Honorable mentions


Google Tasks (

Pen and Paper


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