Conversation Starter: How Intimate Are You? (Hint: Story Sharing) | Technological Sparks |
The root cause of organizational dysfunction is often distance — the distance between leaders who communicate in a top-down fashion and employees who develop a sense of estrangement from those leaders.


Here is a quick read with some powerful points to make: leaders fall short as communicators, yet following these tips will help set leaders on the right path to connecting, engaging with, and moving people.


Now that sounds pretty one-sided but here's the truth that this article also conveys -- if you follow the author's advice, you will be just as changed by the stories you hear as by the stories you tell.


That's where the magic of stories lay -- within the story sharing. If you use the principles in this article (listening more & better, small groups, show trust, authenticity), you will close that leadership gap and be as deeply affected by the process as your ability to deeply affect others.


Hmmmm -- now that's something to think about! Are you game?


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