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As business leaders speak of the “Human Age” and claim that capitalism is being replaced by “talentism”--defined as access to talent as a key resource and differentiator--many companies have embarked on initiatives to “unleash their human...


Is your business a humanist business? Not sure? Then you'd better find out by reading this article.


Why did I curate this piece? Because if you are seriously working with stories with any depth, then you are connecting with the core of our humanity. There is both beauty there and ugliness.


So how do you get your head wrapped around this so you can continue to work with stories to connect, empower, survive, and thrive? Well, if you are operating from the principles given here, you will succeed:

Empathy -- a core ingredient and outcome of story work. Community -- building a 'social mind' based on trust and collaboration Morality -- walking your talk is the only sustainable position in today's business, says the author. This happens with actualized values, purpose, and character. Creativity -- working with chaos, uncertainty, and dreaming -- which BTW is much more fun and produces better results than 'innovation'. Aspiration -- the realms of the imagination and hope, and creating alignment between org aspiration and employee passions (and I think customer passions, too).


Like the author says, "As the new millennial workforce demands meaning over money, and prefers employers that are different by making a difference, humanist businesses shift their organizational rationale from productivity to impact, from excellence to significance."


Actually, these desires belong to more than just the millennial workforce, so don't limit yourself there.


More wonderful food for thought this week :)


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