Make the Internet Accessible with Google Chrome | Technological Sparks |

If you are looking for a browser that provides accessible features check out Google Chrome, specifically the "many add-ons available to facilitate access, as well as websites that have been designed to take advantage of features built into Chrome." Once again Paul Hamilton has pulled together a variety of add-ons, both Chrome extensions and apps. All are free from the Chrome Web Store. Some examples of extensions and apps discussed include SpeakIt!, which provides text-to-speech for reading web content; Voice Search, which allows you to speak your search terms (and works with multiple search engines); and Chrome Vis, which allows you do magnify and change the color of text as well as view the text selected inside a separate lens. An additional five add-ons are listed with links to the add-ons and in some cases additional information. Please note "You need a Google (GMail) acccount to install an app."

Via Beth Dichter