Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos | Technological Sparks | Scoop.it
About a year ago, I wrote about an "HTML5 media framework" called Popcorn.js that let filmmakers build online interactivity right into their web videos. The trouble was that you needed to be (or know or hire) a coding ninja in order to use it.

The article goeson to state that Popcorn Maker, put out by the Mozilla Foundation, is the "Final Cut Pro of online interactive video -- a pofessional-grade tool for creating world-class multimedia experieces from scratch -- Popcorn Maker is more like iMovie." 

To use it you have to grab online media (think YouTube and Vimeo for video, and SoundCloud for audio) and then use the interactive widgets available. Have fun experimenting!

Via Beth Dichter