Let’s hear it for audiobooks! | Technogogy | Scoop.it

"Audiobooks seem to greatly appeal to many people and alienate others, who consider them, somehow, a ‘cheat’ on the experience of reading.  For children, however, they are proven literacy tool that help kids by:


Introducing them to books above their reading level

Improving their vocabulary acquisition, fluency and comprehension

Teaching critical listening


I don’t really understand all the negative flap about them, though.

I think people get too hung up on the idea that somehow audiobooks replace reading – they don’t, and should not. They are simply a different experience that allows people/kids with different dominant learning modalities (auditory vs. visual, etc.) to enjoy the art of storytelling in a way most suited to their strengths, and are especially great to use with reluctant readers to lead the back into the reading process itself."

Via Heather Stapleton