SmartQ Launches X7 Tablet.. a Nexus 7 "killer" with a lot of oomph | Technical & Social News |

SmartQ has released the X7 tablet for just $249.


"If there’s anyone interested, the tab is called the SmartQ X7 and is now up for grabs for just $249. It’s true, the X7 doesn’t come from Google or any other big name in the tech industry, but it’s not like we’ve never seen a decent gadget coming from China in general and SmartQ in particular.


The X7 has a few common points with the Nexus 7, sporting basically the same 7-inch capacitive touch screen with a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. Both tabs also run Jelly Bean, though the Nexus 7 has recently taken the leap to Android 4.2, while the X7 is for the moment stuck to 4.1."

Via Mo Hall