The Innovative Educator: Want to succeed in STEM? Listen to the experts! | Technical & Social News |

This post begins with a quote from President Obama:

"“The quality of math and science teachers is the most important single factor influencing whether students will succeed or fail in science, technology, engineering and math.” From this point it veers  in a different direction, noting that the issue is that teachers "are not given the freedom to support children in ways that will produce the scientists and innovators our country needs."

If we look to our past (and our present) we will find that we are not listening to the advice that "our nation's historic inventors, scientists, and physicists (whom have shared) their advice and experiences." 

Read the article to learn the experiences of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Richard Feyman, Michio Kaku (which includes a video where he explains "that exams are crushing curiousity out of the next generation..."), as well as individuals around today such as Aaron Iba and Jack Andraka (the student who at the age of 15 created a test for pancreatic cancer).

Perhaps the question we need to ask is how do we change the system to support the necessary learning? 

Via Beth Dichter