The new Leica M as a filmmaker’s tool – an interview with Leica’s Jesko von Oeynhausen, by Andrew Reid | Technical & Social News |

Posted by Andrew Reid on September 24, 2012

"Leica revealed their new M series camera at Photokina 2012. It marks the first time video has been implemented on a Leica M, with a brand new full frame 35mm CMOS sensor developed in Europe by CMOSIS.

EOSHD went along to interview Product Manager for the M-System Jesko Von Oeynhausen to find out what it means for filmmakers. Please note that the camera is at the moment a pre-production camera (firmware version with an expected list price of €6200."

(...) EOSHD: "My first question is around the sensor size, I know before you were using a CCD sensor, and now it is a European made CMOS sensor (by CMOSIS). Was it optimised for both stills and video?

Jesko: Yes it is.

EOSHD: So I guess you are taking the video quality seriously, it is not just an add-on for live-view?

Jesko: It is really nice, we don’t publish the results yet but we start shooting early next year. The image quality tuning is the thing we do last, we start with calibrating and developing the electronics then you begin to optimise image quality on the digital side. This has not yet been done but we know how it looks today, especially high ISO quality is so promising.

EOSHD: What is the megapixel count?

Jesko: 24MP

EOSHD: I guess to scale 24MP down to 2MP for 1080p – can you tell me how the sensor is read out?"


Via Thierry Saint-Paul