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Posted by Alexandros Maragos on October 9, 2012


(...) "All camera systems being used for the Red Bull Stratos mission have been personally designed and developed by the mission's director of high-altitude photography, Jay Nemeth of FlightLine Films. One of only a handful of "zero-G" qualified cameramen, Jay Nemeth has logged zero-gravity flights for various projects, including a shoot with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In addition to being comfortable in zero-G and high-G environments, he is familiar with the specific camera systems that work well in these conditions.

FlightLine Films offers long-range optical tracking, zero-gravity qualified crews and HD cameras for use in the cold vacuum of space, as well as housings that allow traditional motion picture cameras to operate in that hostile environment. Camera and communications systems are essential to establish visual contact with Felix Baumgartner, to document the mission's progress in real time and for future review, and to broadcast the images to a global audience.



• Nine high-def cameras
• Three 4K digital cinematography cameras (RED)
• Three digital still cameras (Canon 5D Mark II)
• Pressurized electronics "keg" containing more than 125 electronic components and approximately two miles of wiring"


Via Thierry Saint-Paul