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Have you heard of Project RED (hint - RED stands for revolutionizing education)? They have "conducted a national survey of educational technology that focused on student achievement and financial implications." 

There are seven key findings. These are listed below and additional information on each is in the post.

1. Nine key implementation factors [that] are linked most strongly to education success. 

2. Properly implemented technology saves money.

3. 1:1 schools employing key implementation factors outperform all schools and all other 1:1 schools.

4. The principal's ability to lead change is critical. Change must be modeled and championed at the principal level.

5. Technology-transformed intervention improves learning.

6. Online collaboration increases learning productivity and student engagement.

7. Daily use of technology delivers the best return on investment (ROI).

To go directly to the report where these findings are detailed: 


Via Beth Dichter