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"Team Viewer is a free application that allows devices such as the iPad and iPhone to remotely log in to a stationary computer. In the morning, I come into my office and set up my laptop and then carry around my iPad with me the rest of the day. By using the iPad, I not only have access to my wide variety of apps, but I can also remotely project my laptop screen on the iPad and make use of the programs I have running in my office. By doing this, I have eliminated the need to carry another piece of heavy equipment throughout the busy school hallways.


"Installation of Team Viewer on your PC or Mac is very simple. To start a session, you need to open the Team Viewer app and log into your computers individual address and type in your password. It couldn’t be simpler.


"Team viewer works on any desktop configuration and is great for setups with one or multiple monitors. The app provides users with a build in keyboard giving you complete control over every aspect of your remote machine."


Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Jim Lerman