Emergent learning and learning ecologies in Web 2.0 | Williams | IRRODL | teaching with technology | Scoop.it

"This paper describes emergent learning and situates it within learning networks and systems and the broader learning ecology of Web 2.0.  It describes the nature of emergence and emergent learning and the conditions that enable emergent, self-organised learning to occur and to flourish.  Specifically, it explores whether emergent learning can be validated and self-correcting and whether it is possible to link or integrate emergent and prescribed learning."

Comment: what makes this paper valuable is its attempt to differentiate between systems for prescribed learning and networks for emergent learning. It is exactly in contrasting these two kinds of systems that the innovative value of learning networks must be sought. Although using emergence as the key differentiator makes sense at face value, I myself am always disappointed about the lack of concrete design considerations that follow from it. That is, how does one design for emergence? I don't have the answer myself, so I shouldn't be too critical, but I do believe that calling something emergent is only a first step. The hard work of designing for emergent learning still needs to be done (Peter Sloep)

Via Peter B. Sloep, Anne Whaits