Visual Language -- New Converging Forms of Storytelling | Teaching in the XXI Century |

Go to the URL listed below and download your free copy of this paper from Stanford Univ. on "Visual Language and Converging Technologies in the Next 10-15 Years." 


It's a fairly easy read as academic articles go (and short!).  What I like about it are the cool points the authors make about how we are developing a visual-verbal language, and the nifty diagram showing how all kinds of different visual vocabularies from different fields are converging together. 


It was written in 2001 so you are probably wondering why the heck I'm including it here.  It's because it seems the predictions have come true!


What does this mean for our business stories?  1) Understand how visual -verbal language works, and then 2) pick your visual vocabularies to share your stories and get your points across.  Read on for insights into how this convergence into a visual-verbal language is continuing to affect our future thinking, learning, knowledge retention, storytelling, and human potential.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz