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Twitter is one of the hottest ways to promote your business. Millions of people use Twitter and you can use this powerful social media tool to reach your target audience down the street or across an ocean.


A few popular (retweeted) tweets using an effective SEO keyword strategy increases traffic to your website and helps with search engine optimization at the same time.


Here's what caught my attention:


**Incorporate your keywords into your Twitter biography as part of a smart SEO keyword strategy.


**Search engines index the information in your biography. Twitter limits your biography to 160 characters so use your keywords wisely in sentences that are informative, clever and make sense.


**Use your keywords as hash tags whenever possible and appropriate. A hash tag is a pound sign, or "#". On Twitter, people use hash tags to participate in conversations about a particular subject.


**If your website offers baking tips, for example, precede your tweets with hash tag keywords like #desserts, #cookies and #cakes.


**Tweet at appropriate times for your particular set of keywords.



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