The Student Voice – "I learn best in class when…” | Teaching in Higher Education |

After reading these student responses and reviewing the graph on how students learn best, it became evident the need to apply the principles of UDL in our instruction.  Listen closely and learn!


"In our continuing look at what works and doesn't work for students, based on our 7300+ student survey reponses, we consider their answer to the prompt: I learn best in class when...

There are few real surprises in the findings: they learn best when there is hands-on experience, lots of examples, discussion, order, visual aids. But have a look at the patterns. More specifically, as you read these, ask yourself: Which of these form a consistent pattern of common-sense best practice? However: Which of these answers in general conflict with one another? In other words, we have below some important evidence of an easily-overlooked fact: what works for some people does not work for others. So, as professionals we have an obligation to factor that need for varied and differentiated learning into our plans." - Grant Wiggins

Via Kathleen McClaskey