Research Perspectives on the New CEO | teaching EFL |

Management researchers are taking note lately of factors affecting recruitment, selection, and performance of new CEOs. Since mid-2012, a number of academic papers have explored the impact and performance of different types of incoming chief executives. Three particularly intriguing reports shed light on some broad and significant questions:


When recruited from outside companies as new CEOs, are industry specialists or broad-based generalists more likely to be successful?Which new CEOs—specialists or generalists—tend to command higher salaries?What role, if any, should the old CEO play when a new CEO takes over?


Of course, there are no universal answers to any of these questions. Each successful company has its own unique circumstances. But the findings in these studies might prove particularly useful to those who make decisions about chief executives or have a stake in the outcome, such as boards, shareholders, sitting CEOs, and executives with aspirations for the top office.

Via The Learning Factor