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[The author] found some really useful data about crafting the perfect blog post or copy, and hopefully you’ll find it useful too.

1. Create a “curiosity gap”: the headline needs to be tantalizing enough to get a reader to click through, but mustn’t give away the whole story.

2. Use numbers: Our brains can understand it more easily: The Takipi research found that while numbers work well in headlines, digits in particular are more shareable.

3. Choose the right words: These are the 27 most retweetable and sharable ones (click through for the full list of 27)

4. Make it scarce: The team from Takipi analyzed a bunch of tech blogs to see which posts were shared more on social media than others, and what they had in common. One of the things they found was that using negative, dark, and aggressive words in titles lead to more shares.

5. Don’t expect announcements to be popular (and turn them into a story instead): One of the most interesting things I found in my research was about what doesn’t work. It turns out that announcements generally get shared the least.

6. Know exactly who reads your posts and tailor your words to them: This could mean avoiding jargon or slang, keeping your word choices simple and your sentences short, or avoiding swearing.

8. Use more verbs and less nouns: Social media scientist Dan Zarrella analyzed 200,000 tweets that included links and found that those that included adverbs and verbs had higher click-through rates than those using more nouns and adjectives.



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